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About Top Gun

I have been emersed in the trades world from as early as I can remember.  My father was a builder who taught me much of what I know today along with instilling a love for all things construction. 

With over 25 years in the construction field, I have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of homes which cannot be learned from certificates alone.

Through many years of hands-on training, holding several different construction positions, to becoming a business owner in the remodeling sector, you can be confident in knowing I have the experience needed to give a sound inspection.

My passion is to use the knowledge I have gained over the years to assist you throughout this process. I really enjoy using my skills to help others through the house-buying process, providing peace of mind and confidence in this very important, most costly investment you most likely will make; your home.

Looking Forward to Meeting You!

Kevin Clark


Owner | Lead Inspectior

Top Gun's Lead Inspector

Weston Botzen


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